Contemporary challenges of refugee law protection:

Human rights violated based on race and origin?


  • Amon Elpídio da Silva


International Refugee Solidarity; Refugee Discrimination; Human Rights Protection.


People who fear for their lives have intensified the search for safe havens in recent years. However, the search for refuge involves adversities beyond the escape routes, since it is up to the State in which the individual seeks refuge to grant or not this status. Moreover, there are still obstacles to be dealt with in this refuge cycle that permeate discrimination issues. Given this, this article seeks to examine the elements provided for in the proposals for reform of the system for granting refuge in the European Union and bring analysis that can serve as a comparison for the Latin American territory. It seeks to establish an analysis between the principle of international solidarity of refugees, and how the listed points make this right effective, in addition to determining whether and how, in terms of discrimination, the search for refuge today is also guided by segregation. The objective of this research will be to analyze the effectiveness of the refugee right, aiming to bring a reflection that can transcend any practical term that imputes in cases of discrimination against refugees. As for the research method adopted herein, the research is developed through bibliographic and documental analysis. Finally, it is gathered that there is discrimination regarding human rights and, therefore, the right to refuge, expressing observance in the protection of ndividuals in situations of fleeing, regardless of their origins.