a durable solution for those born as refugees



Migration, Refugee, Citizenship


An overview of the hardships faced by refugee children is
presented. Granting citizenship for children born as refugees is proposed
based on three lines of arguments: the meaning of citizenship and
avoidance of statelessness, the child’s best interest, and the prevention
of children in a protracted refugee situation. Within this framework, three
recent initiatives to address refugee´s challenges are debated: the New
York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, the Global Compact, and
the Model International Mobility Convention. Finally, three possible measures
are suggested to implement citizenship for those born as refugees:
An optional protocol on the Convention of the Rights of the Child,
an optional protocol to the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugee,
or else that States, while adopting the Model International Mobility
Convention, expressly assure the right to citizenship for those born as
refugees. The Latin-American States are prone to lead the call for a right
to citizenship for those born as refugees since birthright citizenship is
adopted by nearly every State in Latin-America.