The Current limits of foreign acess to Political Rights in Latin America and Europe



Citizenship, Latin America, Europe


The increase in the flow of foreigners in various countries
and the perception of the importance of political rights as fundamental
rights lead to reflection on the possibility of political rights for foreigners.
This article aims to analyze the limits of foreign access to political
rights in Latin America and Europe. Through a documentary, bibliographic,
qualitative and descriptive analysis, the political rights situation in
the Hispanic countries of South America is approached first. The scope
of these guarantees is then exposed to the non-national level in Brazil.
It shows, after, the particularities in the Mexican system of granting
these rights. It also describes the possibility of enjoying these freedoms
in Central America. Consideration is given to the European system of
granting political rights to European foreigners. Finally, the limitations of
the guarantees of participation in the decisions of non-nationals of third
countries are discussed. The study, which is also analytical, descriptive
and exploratory, found that all South American countries grant some
kind of political freedom, unlike Central America and Mexico. It was also
found that, in Europe, only European nationals have effective local activity,
however in several countries, foreign residents of third countries
have political rights at the municipal level.