Inmigration Policy must equalize Rights of nationals and migrants to contribute for sustainable development


  • Silvia Fernanda Menéndez


Migration, Citizenship, Development


The purpose of this written work is analyze the impact of
migrants in the development of Latin America and Europe. The inter-american
Judicial System is at de forefront regarding the equalization of
rights for migrants and nationals. adapting human rights for migrants.
Latin America had a large flow of immigration since the XIX century, and
therefore has a vast experience in restriction and openings that different
governments had ruled about the rights of migrants. Civil society is a very
important actor for the social inclusion and development of migrants.
The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration says that
if migrants are integrated thy can better contribute for the development
of states. There are pending challenges for the Charter of Fundamental
Rights of the European Union and The Strategic Plan of Social Action of
Mercosur, in the community law. Development of states is closely related
with de social cohesion of migrants. The States must deny individual and
bilateral positions that undermine integration.