Social and Legal aspects of the immigration between Spain and Central America



Central America, Spain, Immigration


The purpose of this article is to provide a historical and social
overview of the immigration that took place more than five centuries
ago from Spain to Central America and how, subsequently, this flow of immigration has changed from Central America to Spain due to multiple
intertwined factors that promote it. Further, this article aims to introduce
the reader in a general way to the basic immigration legislation in force
both in Spain and Central America and to the legal challenges that
Central American immigrants undergo as active subjects of the right to
asylum. The wave of Central American immigrants to which Spain has
been subjected recently has led to the collapse of its asylum system.
These events have raised the urgent need for the Spanish government
to review the conditions and circumstances established in the relevant
legislation following the guidelines provided by the UNHCR on international
protection for those who emigrate for security reasons.