The European Green Deal and its effects on the International Community





This article conducts a study of the European Green Deal by an exploratory and documental research of the issue, the provisions in the bloc’s founding treaties, and official documents, assessing its objectives and unveiling its bases to indicate some possible effects of the Pact in international relations. Inserted in the context of the fight against climate change and considered as a European strategy for the green reboot of the economy, it is discussed how this policy can influence the
adoption of similar behaviors by other international actors. The presence of environmental concerns in the legal structure of the European Union is analyzed, as well as the centrality of sustainable development for the bloc. Starting from the advancement of the proposals around the concept of sustainable development at a multilateral level, it is observed the
implementation of measures that aim at achieving such development, much because of the climate emergency. From this point of view, by seeking to analyze the possible repercussions and effects of the European Union’s measure, the European Green Deal also serves as a tool to study the influence of the European block over other regions and states. The focus of this article is on what kind of influence the European Union can exert from the European Green Deal, rather than on how this influence
occurs. Lastly, the situation of Brazil and the Free Trade Agreement between Mercosur and the European Union in the face of the European quest for climate neutrality is addressed. The prospective conclusions of this work are of a possible strengthening of the normative role of the European Union by both its position of advances in the theme of sustainable development, as well as the deliberate role of guiding its external relations and internal policies by this principle. To this are added considerations
about Brazil’s position and an overview of international relations via Mercosur-European Union and multilateral relationships.