A abertura ao comércio internacional da contratação pública no Brasil:

entre o Acordo sobre Compras Governamentais (GPA) e o acordo EU/Mercosul



At the moment when Brazil announced the formal request to join the Government Procurement Agreement (ACG / GPA), the article analyzes the historical evolution and current legal framework of the Agreement. The process of a State joining the GPA is also described. Furthermore, reference is made to the chapter on public procurement contained in the EU/Mercosur agreement. It is concluded that the possible entry into force, in the short term, of the EU/Mercosur agreement may represent an antechamber for the possible future adhesion to the ACG/GPA of other Mercosur member countries and, possibly, of more Latin American countries. If so, an unwritten plan of the European Union will be fulfilled: to ensure the relaunch of multilateralism in international trade through the approval of a vast network of new generation bilateral agreements.