Digitalization of Rules on International Judicial Cooperation



International legal assistance; digitization; notification.


In international judicial assistance, the private interests of the litigants are at stake. In this context, regulations have begun to emerge, with a marked technological context, in order to improve the efficiency and speed of judicial procedures and ensure the proper administration of justice in cases with cross-border repercussions. For this reason, we intend to analyze the regulatory frameworks at the European level, the new Regulations 2020/1784 and 2020/1783, in terms of "notification and transfer of documents" and the "obtaining of evidence", and, in the absence of application, of the regulations European Union will have to comply with the provisions of international agreements, in this case, we want to make a special assessment regarding the possible application of the e-Apostille, which will be applied between countries of the European Union and Latin America. With all this, it is intended to design and provide better services in accordance with the needs and demands of citizens and companies.