Data protection implications through an inner-connected world:

European Union’s contributions towards the brazilian legislative scenario



In this article, the intended objective is to analyze some historical aspects that led to the constitution of data protection rights from a legislative perspective both in the European Union and in Brazil. In Brazil, there is still a lot to do towards what is considered regulated for the European community. Also, we address the current situation in these territories and present possible setbacks to data protection worldwide. Data protection is holistic, it can be reflected in various categories, such as science, health, computer technologies, economics, politics, etc. Therefore, the methodology used is to suggest that the spread of the notion of the right to privacy as a fundamental right and substantially connected to the right to data protection is engraved in the technological reality around the globe. We shall converge the topics of privacy, data protection, and ethics within controversial topics, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the use of artificial intelligence. The summary of conclusion includes the fact that the world must go forward towards the awareness of data protection culture and notoriously recognize the fact that the General Data Protection Regulation came to break down geographic borders and heavily influenced the creation of other legislations, especially in Brazil, but this is only the beginning into dealing with such a complex situation, that is the evolution of technology in time.