Migration and development: externalities of the global pact and the european pact in the global south


  • Claudia Loureiro
  • Thiago Paluma


Migration; Global Compact on Migration; European Compact on Migration.


The general objective of the article is to address the intrinsic relationship between migration and development, starting from the premise that migrating is a human right protected by international treaties and conventions and that the right to development is also a human right. In turn, the specific objective of the article is to analyze the externalities of the Global and European Pacts on Migration in the Global South to identify the existing discrepancies between the documents and whether they are constituted to promote or to stop safe, orderly and regular migration, an idea in which the relevance and justification of the work is concentrated, since the States exercise sovereignty to stop the entry of immigrants into their territories. The deductive method was chosen, with the technique of indirect documentation and the procedure of analysis of doctrine and legislation. The article intends to register an important scientific contribution on the externalities to be investigated, in order to answer the following question: are the Global and European Pacts on Migration effective in providing orderly, safe and regular migration in the world or are they just documents to stop migratory flows from the Global South?