Webinar Series - "Experience of Legal Comparison"


On the 21st, 26th, and 28th of April, three meetings were held as part of the Comparative Private Law of People and Markets course from the University of Milan focusing on the “Experience of Legal Comparison”.

It was a series of webinars designed to illustrate the practice of comparative law in different professional and institutional contexts:

On April 21, Ana Flavia Sabi Rizelo talked about her experience with comparison as Para-Legal with the international law firm Leigh Day UK Law Firm, business / human rights protection sector.

On Monday, April 26, the legal comparison activity carried out by the Italian Constitutional Court Studies Service was illustrated by its Director, Dr. Riccardo Nevola and the Head of the Comparative Law Sector, Prof. Paolo Passaglia.

Finally, on April 28, Priscila Pereira de Andrade, Legal Officer at Unidroit, shared the experience of the prestigious International Institute for the Unification of Law, Unidroit.

The scientific responsible and coordinator of the events was Profa. Naiara Posenato, member of the Latin American Center of European Studies and a partner of the Bridge Project.

Pilot initiatives had the support of LACES and the Bridge Project.