Indexation of the Journal in the Virtual Library Network of the Brazilian National Congress


Ficheiro:Assinatura RVBI transparente.png ‚Äď Wikip√©dia, a enciclop√©dia livre


The Latin America Journal of European Studies (ISSN 2763-8685) has just been indexed in the collective catalog of the Rede Virtual de Bibliotecas - RVBI  (Virtual Library Network) of the Brazilian National Congress.

The  RVBI is a cooperative network of libraries, coordinated by the Library of the Federal Senate, which aggregates bibliographic, material and human resources of twelve libraries of the Federal Public Administration and the government of the Federal District, of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Powers, with the objective of meeting the demands of bibliographic information of its maintaining bodies.

The collection registered in the RVBI bibliographic database has as its thematic priority the area of Law, specifically doctrine, but also covers other areas of the Humanities and Social Sciences.