I Seminar Jean Monnet Network BRIDGE gets attention in Portuguese media press


The publications: LUSA (Portugal News Agency), Notícias ao Minuto, Observador and Correio do Minho have highlighted the debates that have happened virtually during the Ist   Jean Monnet Network – BRIDGE Seminary on March 15th, together with the University of Lisbon School of Law European Institute, addressing the topic: "EU-Latin America trade and investment relations”.

Portugal News Agency (LUSA) highlighted that the Member of the European Parliament José Manuel Fernandes has stated his position that the “EU-Mercosur trade agreement will not be ratified before the presidential elections in France and Brazil, appealing to the responsibilities in this subject that Portugal has while sitting president of EU-Council”

Otherwise, the news outlet Notícias ao Minuto highlighted the comment from EU Ambassador, Ignacio Ibañez, that the EU “will be available” to Brazil in order to advance the EU-Mercosur trade agreement, encouraging the country to “take action to end deforestation” in Amazônia, underlining that the trade agreement will be based “on the premise that the trade will not take place at the expense of the environment, climate and work conditions”. 

The Journal o Observador punctuated also that, in regard to Amazônia, Ignacio Ibañez has guaranteed that EU is “sure” that the EU-Mercosur trade agreement “will be a toll that contributes to this goal”, underlining that “the promotion of values and the defense of interests have must go hand in hand”.

Correio do Minho stressed the words from the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, that “there has not been by EU side and appropriation of the importance of the bonds with Latin America. It’s a reality that Europe should not ignore, and the main tolls are the trade agreements and investments” highlighting still “the power that Latin America has global scene”.

The event featured also the deputy secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Carmen Moreno Toscano, and former secretary of the Permanent Court of Review of Mercosur, Santiago Deluca.

The meeting was promoted in the scope of Project Jean Monnet Network – BRIDGE, financed by Erasmus Program + European Commission of which participate seven Latin American and European Universities that aim to promote incentives that build bridges of dialogue and exchange of good practices between regions.


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