Between April 18th and 19th of 2023 the Jean Monnet Network – BRIDGE Project, financed by Erasmus+ Program from European Union, is going to perform academic activities in association with Universidad de Sevilla, in Spain. All activities will take place in hybrid mode (face-to-face and virtually).

On April 18th of 2023, at the Grade Hall, will take place the Round of Discussions about “Debates sobre el Derecho Internacional, los Procesos de Integración Regional y los Derechos Humanos”. The Round of Discussions will have the participation of the partner professor of the BRIDGE Project.

Besides that, on April 19th of 2023, the seminar “El Derecho Internacional Privado en las Relaciones entre la Unión Europea y América Latina”, will take place, starting at 11:30am (SP time - GMT +02:00). In this activity are confirmed Dr. Ignacio Goicoechea, Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Hague Conference on Private International Law; Dr. Pablo Antonio Fernández Sánchez, Professor of Public International Law at Universidad de Sevilla, former presidente of IHLADI; Dr. Francisco Fonseca Morillo, Director of Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos da Universidad de Valladolid, former director of the Oficina de la Comisión Europea in España; Drª Alma María Valor Mavit, Assistant Deputy of  Assuntos Jurídicos Consulares, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Unión Europea y Cooperación and Drª Paula Mongé Royo, Deputy Director of International Legal Cooperation, Ministerio de Justicia.

To finish the proposed activities, still on April 19th, at 4:30pm (SP time - GMT +02:00), will take place the Workshop about “El Derecho Internacional Privado en las Relaciones entre la Unión Europea y América Latina”. This activity will be a presentation of 14 articles selected through Call for Papers, and the two best articles will be awarded with the value of EUR 250 each.

The meeting is insert on the activities developed by Jean Monnet Network “Building Rights and Developing Knowledge between European Union and Latin America – BRIDGE”, Project financed by Erasmus Program + of European Union and is compound by Santa Catarina Federal University (Brazil); Law School of Lisboa University; Sevilha University (Spain); University of Milan (Italy); Nacional Autónoma University (Mexico); University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Rosário University (Colombia).

The registrations for all activities are free and should be done through this link

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