Observatory on European Studies _ Putin's speech and the real facts - violations of International Law. Ukraine's and EU's destiny.


Alexandre Zaporoszenko Cavazzani*

Many questions raise on the Ukrainian Crisis.

Well, first of all, it is hardly difficult to explain in one single article.

What is happening now is probably an unprecedented event since the Missile Crisis in Cuba, in 1962. The Russian attack over Ukraine was performed à la Hitler and his Blitzkrieg. The attack came almost out of the blue – surely one could expect some sort of conflict, as an extension of what has been happening since 2014. Nonetheless, this time, the attack was unexpected. One wakes up with sirens, bombs and military aircraft hovering over the skies. This is a massive war.

So, Putin’s Russia was planned months or probably years ago. People from Kremlin declared that Putin was isolated in his place, reading books on history, warcraft, economy a few months ago. Well, the puzzle is now getting closer to its solution.

From different fronts surrounding Ukraine, the attack came in the dawn of February 24. Probably in delay, since February 23 was the Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia, and Putin deems that he is defending Russia, fending off his enemies: Western World, sweeping away what he calls “neo-Nazi”, “Banderovtsy” (Ukrainian nationalists) and their Western supporters, that is, U.S., Europe and NATO forces, whose troops, as he stated on the day before, February 23, he would not allow in Ukrainian territory.

From Putin direct words, as his speech was shown on Russian television on 24th in the morning, it was pretty noticeable his wrath, anger towards the Western World, summoning citizens to underpin his crazy adventure in Ukraine, saying that he will no longer accept International Law system as it is.

Most interesting is his condemnation of U.S., that he calls “Empire of lies”. In an attempt to persuade his audience, Russian citizens, he firmly declares that U.S. and Western media are lying to the World.

Notwithstanding that, what we see is the opposite. Putin keeps lying all the time. Just a glance at Rossiya 24’s bulletins, a Russian TV channel, and we can confirm that

Russian media controlled by Putin is frequently transmitting wrong info to Russians. In this sense, Russian TV shows that only Ukrainian radicals are counter fighting Russian soldiers, and that Putin just want to free Ukraine from “neo-Nazi”, radical nationalists and especially from the current Zelensky government, whom he declares totally subordinated to U.S. and whose head he desires.

Besides, Russian TV, RTR channel alongside with Rossiya 24 channel, shows that Putin is not interested in occupying Ukraine’s territory, neither attacking civilians, that all these recent events are only an especial operation, sometimes even daring to call “humanitarian operation.” One word, “Lie.”

Also, this author has been experiencing harsh times, as the author has many close friends from Ukraine. Russian soldiers are attacking houses, civilians on streets, even occupying their homes. People are hiding in garages, bunkers, in internal hall of buildings, so as to escape from bombs next to their rooms. Those who can flee are heading towards Western Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Romania.

In Kyiv, Putin’s Russia destroyed three bridges, accordingly to direct reports from the Author’s fellows and friends, cutting connections from the Capital. Russian troops also occupied Kakhovka Hydroelectric on the Dnieper River in Kakhova, as well as the Kyiv Congeneration Station, which generates electricity and heat and which is of high importance to supply energy and heat to industries, houses and administrative buildings. Putin is besieging Kyiv.

Humanitarian law, Jus in Bellum, these are a set of rules that Putin is not keen to follow anymore. Attacking civilians, destroying hospital, fixing marks at civilian buildings in order to facilitate the movement of Russian troops, are not allowed by international law. Putin is aware of international rules during a war; however, he does not wish to follow them.

In addition to all that, the Russian leader also threatens those who try to meddle in the Ukrainian crisis, menacing of severe consequences “as you have never seen in your history”, and “hoping to be listened.”

In a nutshell, Putin is violating a slew of international law rules, while striking civilians and civilian objects. U.S. and countries from Europe must find a solution as quick as possible, bearing in mind that the stability of the world as we know and even

European Union’s destiny are closely intertwined with Ukraine’s. Biden knows that, EU and its countries, especially France and Germany know that too.



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*Alexandre Zaporoszenko Cavazzani

Master degree student at the Postgraduate Law Programme at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Former political analyst at the Brazilian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Graduated in Law (Brazil) and International Relations (Ukraine).